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Telega, the best service for advertising your business in Telegram channels, is a simple and fast way to get a motivated target audience in just a few hours.


Telega Biography

Foundation of the company, expanding the catalog to the first 1000 channels, testing the main functionality of the service

Integration with other Mirafox services

Integration of a complex telegram channels promotion for companies and brands

The introduction of analytics tools to the Telega catalogue, automation of order execution and tracking the effectiveness of an advertisement for clients.

The growth of the catalogue up to 3000 channels

The launch of the product for ICO marketing in Telegram for CIS, EU, USA, Asian markets.

Catalogue growth up to 4500 channels

Cooperation with leading companies and brands, including Lays, PepsiCo, Unilever etc.

Entry into the markets of USA, Brazil, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan

The launch of a new “Package promotion" product” as well as the pilot launch of the service with the work on the CPA model.