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We help websites generate revenue Site: gogetlinks.net

When developing GoGetLinks service, we adopted the principle that the website has to generate revenue. The service allows you to profit from your own sites by posting notes and contextual links. For the optimizer, this service is a unique opportunity to increase the external reference weight.

Site: gogetlinks.net

Go Get Links Biography

The launch of the Gogetlinks service

First visitors, сampaigns, and websites.

Big update of Gogetlinks. From good to great

The simplified interface, automated request distribution, new algorithm for campaign sorting. Fee-based link removal deployment

5 years of Gogetlinks. SEO breakthrough by Gogetlinks

Gogetlinks pays special attention to user factors of donor websites. Index linking has significantly improved. The optimizer can get useful recommendations for promotion.

The launch of the Gogetlinks Trust

Each website receives from Gogetlinks performance and reliability evaluation in the context of SEO. The trust score can have a value between 0 and 10. The higher the trust, the better and more powerful the donor.

A new algorithm for calculating the ratio of pages with links from GoGetLinks to the number of pages in the Yandex index

Previously, links placed only through Gogetlinks were taken into account, and now it’s absolutely all links.

Platform moderation changes and new catalog filters

The choice of platforms where you can place a link has now become wider. With the help of new filters, you can now easily and quickly find the most appropriate platforms for placing permanent links.

The introduction of the Google Directory

The website promotion has become accessible not only in Yandex but also in Google.

10 years of Gogetlinks

300 thousand users. 20 thousand sites. The story continues...