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Chronicled is deploying decentralized supply chain ecosystems and building protocol-driven solutions to enhance global trade across key industries. By leveraging the power of our product suite and networks, some of the world’s largest enterprises and industries are building more efficient, collaborative, and secure b2b trade.


Chronicled Biography

Chronicled founded the IoT and Blockchain Lab

This collaborative space was designed to drive research and develop standards for the integration of IoT and blockchain technologies.

Made their code open-source to a community of blockchain enterprises and start-ups

The company presented a system of authentication of medicines based on Ethereum

Chronicled in partnership with a consulting company, LinkLab, completed a pilot check of the blockchain-based system for medical supply chains, MediLedger

Chronicles raised $16 million in investments

The received investments will go into the launch of Saleable Returns Protocols and preparations for Contracting and Chargebacks roster management launch

Q2 2019
GE Healthcare announced the launch of its Chronicle automation software, a digital platform designed to optimize complex cell therapy process development and manufacturing.