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Faster and more accurate check for plagiarism‎ Site:

Independent verification of uniqueness, not tied to content marketplaces. Unique rewrite search algorithm with simple and accessible API.


СontentWatch Biography

The launch of text and page check

Algorithm optimization and bringing the average check time to 25 seconds. At the time, it was unprecedented speed

The launch of the uniqueness check API

Algorithm improvement and optimization up to 21 seconds per check

Moving to a new, more powerful multi-server infrastructure

The average check time is 15 seconds

Redesign and rebranding of the project

Now you can automatically check the website for the uniqueness on a regular basis. Support of Ukrainian and English texts

Unique functionality for scanning the website and smart selection of sections for verification

Added the history of checks with the ability to delete your data. The average check time is 13 seconds

Now the system searches for backlinks and analyzes their openness for indexing

Due to the huge popularity of the service, the number of free checks has reduced

A plugin for WordPress was released

Algorithm improvement - the average check time was reduced to 11 seconds

Batched check was optimized and added shared queue for all users

The website scanner is improved - works faster and remembers the results of past scans

Optimized API operation with a large number of simultaneous checks (multithreading)

User session now lasts more than a week with automatic authorization