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Miralinks Biography

Miralinks formation for internal tasks of the company

On December 5, the official exit from the beta version. The system is now open to all users.

Free pricing in the system. The website's owner has no restrictions on setting the cost of placement

Yandex introduces an algorithm for determining the originality of the content that confirms the correctness of the Miralinks development vector

Registered and approved 5000-th website

Popular "Backward search" (the ability to order writing from the website's owner) gets a classic look.

Miralinks update 3.0

Global simplification of website catalog search

Launched the traffic service "link amplification"

The possibility to top up your balance via Visa/MasterCard

Improving the quality of system donors

"Minusinsk" (name of Yandex algorithm) as another confirmation of the importance of high-quality placement and good content

10 years since the launch of Miralinks

The Service Gallery launch

230 000 users over the years, the articles have been placed on around 50 000 thousand unique websites.